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El Show de Don Cheto entertains all member of the U.S. Hispanics Family, targeting different generations and demographics, including first generation and bilingual Hispanics. Don Cheto's character is a 63 year old Mexican who serves as the "Grandpa" for generations of Mexican Americans living in the U.S. Focusing on issues relevant to Hispanics living in the United States, Don Cheto and his sidekick Marlene bring humor and insight to topics like immigration and employment. El Show de Don Cheto, while also reflecting the culture-clash between immigrants, and their U.S. raised children. Don Cheto has earned recognition and interviews among Hispanics icons such as celebrity Jessica Alva, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, legendary Singer Vicente Fernandez, and Senator Ted Kennedy.

Erazno y La Chokolata is the Spanish, audio version, of Saturday Night Live. It is a variety show for listeners of all ages. Comic genius parody artists, Chokolata and Erazno, deliver 5 hours of hilarious, outrageous and fast-paced fun!
La Chokolata, self-proclaimed Diva, who runs the show and is always maintaining her high class. She is the likeable, clever and caring Prima Donna who loves to put Erazno in his place with a sassy quip or quick witted come-back.
Erazno, wannabe Luchador (Mexican Wrestler), who leads the rest of the crew in outrageous skits, parodies and news delivered like never before. This macho joker is a loveable know-it-all (who really doesn't know much at all). He always has an opinion and is it's usually wrong.​

Sonya Cortez or Kachorrilla as she's best known, began her successful radio broadcasting career 15 years ago. Kachorrilla's work experience began in banking but her love of people and her zest for life and communicating with people brought her to radio! she claims, better late than never! Kachorrilla means "baby cub," which perfectly describes Sonya's ever present inner child. She exudes perpetual happiness & a joy for life always! Kachorrilla is originally from Jalisco, Mexico. She is bilingual and is very skilled in copywriting both in Spanish & English. She is consistently requested for endorsement campaigns. She also has experience in TV infomercial advertising. Sonya is a true professional and never tires of giving a client campaign 110%.
Fun facts; she's an avid karaoke singer; her all-time favorite movie is King Kong and is a sweets-eater extraordinaire.