Sonya Cortez “La Kachorrilla”


Sonya Cortez or “Kachorrilla” as she’s best known, began her successful radio broadcasting career 15 years ago. Kachorrilla’s work experience began in banking but her love of people and her zest for life and communicating with people brought her to radio…as she claims, “Better late than never!”

“Kachorrilla” means “baby cub”, which perfectly describes Sonya’s ever present “inner child”. She’s got a vibrant personality and is loved by her listeners and fans.

“Kachorrilla” is originally from Jalisco, Mexico. She is bilingual and is very skilled in copywriting both in Spanish & English. She is consistently requested for endorsement campaigns. Sonya is a true professional and never tires of giving a client campaign 110%.

Fun Facts; she’s an avid karaoke singer; her all time favorite movie is King Kong and she has a major sweet tooth!